NVIDIA RTX computers verified by real-time engine developers.

Creating in real-time, working between the real and virtual worlds requires powerful local computing. GODBOX® computers are real-time engine verified. In other word’s, GODBOX is the computer for interacting with the metaverse, verified to deliver, stable, high-throughput, real-time, virtual user experiences.

When you buy a GODBOX you can be assured its ready for real-time, to provide you with a stable development platform, and seamless VR/AR user experience.  GODBOX Partners include NVIDIA, Unity.com and the ARRI Solutions Group.

Real-time engine

Verified computers


Verified by Unity for real-time virtual production and collaboration.

On-Set Facilities (OSF), the on-set technology company, are pleased to announce that they are now a Unity Verified Solution Partner. Being a Verified Solution Partner means that Unity’s quality assurance team has confirmed that OSF technologies, including the company’s low latency GODBOX workstations and Servers developed for real-time production, are compatible with the latest releases of the Unity editor.

As a Unity Verified Solutions Partner, OSF will bring scalable, stable, reliable, low latency computing, on-set. For instance, the OSF GODBOX Pro Workstation, is the world’s first computer designed specifically for on-set crew use, with plenty of headroom in terms of processing power, it has a rugged military-grade shock case, and importantly for a machine designed to go on-set, it idles below the noise level of human hearing.